Horizontal Self-Priming End Suction

Horizontal Self-Priming End Suction

A - Foundation and Baseplate

Foundation mass for centrifugal pumps should be three times the mass of the driver and baseplate.

The foundation should be designed to avoid resonant vibration conditions originating from normal excitation forces at operating speed or multiples of the rotating speed.

Specify a baseplate that has machined mounting surfaces. This will cost a little more, but the additional cost will probably be saved at the shaft alignment.

Before setting the pump baseplate, chip the surface of the concrete pad to remove the cement rich surface concrete, called laitance. This will provide a stronger bond between the grout and concrete foundation.

The anchor bolts should be properly sized for the equipment being installed. Provide sufficient free length in the anchor bolt to allow for thermal expansion of the baseplate.

The Baseplate

Setting the baseplate