Pump Installation

PROPER INSTALLATION OF A PIECE OF ROTATING EQUIPMENT ADDS AS MUCH TO THE LIFE OF THE EQUIPMENT AS PROPER SELECTION. Installation involves several aspects, including piping configuration, NPSHa, pipe strain, baseplates, foundations, and alignment.

Piping Configuration

When designing the piping system for pumps, some basic rules of thumb can be used to help extend the life of the equipment. These basic rules evolve around a couple of concepts:

Rules of "Thumb" and General Discussions to Help in the Design and Sizing of Piping Systems

The suction piping is necessary to provide a means of getting the liquid to be pumped from its source to the pump inlet or suction nozzle of the pump.

KEEP IN MIND THAT MOST HYDRAULIC PUMP PROBLEMS ARE CREATED ON THE SUCTION SIDE OF THE PUMP. The following topics are general rules of thumb to consider when developing the suction piping system.

Suction Piping